Fixed Menu

We have an established set menu for people who would like to stick with a standard and proven menu. We only use the best local ingredients in our dishes, and this also goes for meat being used for our Spitbraai’s. We believe that good ingredients deliver great food.

All Salads can be changed to other salads of the same or lesser value. To send your selection please scroll down to the bottom fill in the required fields and click the submit button.

Giant Kebab

Leg of Lamb 200g/p, Beef Rump 150g/p and Chicken 150g/p. All done to perfection in the spit.

30-69 people 70-2000 people
R93.50/Person R92/Person

Just Lamb

450g AAA grade Lamb in our secret basting with baby potatoes and onions

30-69 people 70-2000 people
R95/Person R93/Person


AAA grade Lamb on a spit and Chicken Strips

Salsa Greens

Tzatziki Sauce

Pita Breads

30-69 people 70-2000 people
R97/Person R95/Person


2X Lamb Chops, Boere wors and chicken quarter

Curry Noodle Salad


Potato Salad

Garlic bread and Rolls

30-69 people 70-2000 people
R118/Person R116/Person


450g AAA grade Lamb on the spit with our special Marinade

Baby potatoes and onions

Garlic Bread and Rolls

Curry noodle Salad


30-69 people 70-2000 people
R120/Person R118/Person

TraditionalSpit Braai

450g AAA Grade Lamb on the spit

Beetroot Salad

Potato Salad

Curry noodle

Baby onions and Potatoes

Garlic bread

30-69 people 70-2000 people
R129/Person R127/Person

Home StyleLunch

AAA grade Lamb on the spit

Chicken with our special marinade

Traditional Potato Bake

Creamed Spinach and Feta


Greek Salad

30-69 people 70-2000 people
R143/Person R141/Person

Corporate / VIPMenu

Executive Bread table with fancy Cheeses, Pates and Jam

AAA Grade Lamb on the spit Chicken with our special marinade

Traditional Potato Bake

Greek Salad

Curry Noodle salad

Malva Pudding and Ice Cream

30-69 people 70-2000 people
R157/Person R155/Person

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