Cold canapés are perfect for all occasions, whenever you are entertaining at a lunch or holding an afternoon party. Cold canapés offer flexibility enabling you to fit service exactly where you wish in your event.

We offer 2 bite size Canapés.

The amount guest will eat depends largely in the time of the day and length of function or party. The following is a rough guide to the number if bite size canapés to prepare for comparatively formal occasions. It is as well to be aware that the more relaxed and lively the gathering, the more people are likely to eat.

  • Allow 5 items per person as appetizer with drinks before a meal.
  • Allow 10-12 items per person for an early evening drinks party.
  • Allow 12-14 items per person for evening refreshments following a late lunch party, wedding breakfast or reception.
  • Allow 14-16 small items per person for light lunchtime or supper refreshments.

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